Wangstar Collapsible Dog Bowls

At this rate, my whole house is going to be silicone. I do not know why it has me so long to get into all of the silicone items available for purchase now, but I am glad I did!

We own four awesome dogs. They are family members through and through so of course I have to try out new things for them. While these silicone bowls were designed with traveling in mind, you can use them right at home too! We have used an automatic dog feeder and water dishes for them for years. It is nice having to fill the dog feeder only twice a month. But our latest rescue dog has an issue with dog food. She will pull out 1/4 of the food in the feeder easily just to find the kibbles she likes. What a mess it makes!! Everyday we are having to clean it up, sometimes 2-3 times a day. So I have been considering going back to regular food dishes and such for them just to try to minimize the mess. As I was throwing that idea around, I received the opportunity to test these set of 2 silicone bowls.

My dogs took to them right away. I kept the old stuff out for them just so they could adjust. But there really wasn’t much of an adjustment period. For the automatic feeder, they could be seen off and on standing in line waiting for their turn to eat (so cute!!). They now do the same for the silicone bowl of food. They are extremely easy to keep clean. And when we do travel with them, we can take along the same dishes that they always use. A win all the way around! The silicone bowls fold up right into themselves so you do not need much space for them.

Anyone with pets, cats or dogs, will find these handy!

I received this product free of charge.


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