Car Sun Shades

I have never used sunscreens for vehicles that did not have suction cups. I was concerned that these would not hold up as well because there was not any suction cups. The rubbery material on the backside of the mesh sunscreens did an absolutely wonderful job clinging to the windows. I was actually quite impressed. The larger sunscreen did come with a suction cup and the suction cup has held well. I did make sure the windows were very clean prior to hanging the sunscreens, not sure if that actually made a difference or not. I am pleased with the fact that the set came with 2 storage bags to keep the sunscreens safe from tearing when not in use: one for the 2 smaller sunscreens and another for the larger sunscreen. I drive a large SUV and wondered how they would fit on the larger windows but it covers plenty to keep the seats and back of the vehicle shaded. Definitely a good buy.

Himalayan Salt nightlight

Awesome nightlight! Perfect for bathrooms and hallways. I love the Himalayan salt lamps and have a couple in my house along with Himalayan salt candle holders. I love the ability to purify the air in our house in a natural way and without smells being emitted from the salt. The nightlight is something I had not seen before and I had to try it out. The nightlight can be rotated on the base so it can fit your exact needs. If you need to move it around, it is definitely easy enough to do that. There is also an off and on switch for convenience. So far loving it completely!

(Pictures to come later, computer issues 😦   )

Pregnancy Announcements

This is a very fun and creative way to announce a pregnancy! I have actually never seen a pregnancy announcement such as this before. I knew these were perfect for my sister, who is getting ready to announce her pregnancy outside of the immediate family. I am super thrilled with the quality of the “lottery tickets“. The cardboard is not cheap and thin. The weight and feel of the “lottery tickets” feel like an actual lottery ticket you would purchase. The scratch off area is also very well done. The design is a wonderful interpretation of a lottery ticket available to be purchased.


Pet Grooming Glove

The pet grooming glove makes brushing all four of my furbabies so much easier. I have one that absolutely hates the traditional dog brush/comb but he will let me sit there and “pet” him. We have rescue animals so we never know what kind of environment they come from so this allows us to keep them groomed even if they have issues. The grooming gloves works on both my long-haired dogs and my short-haired dogs.
The cleaning side of the glove actually works even though I thought for sure something that simple couldn’t swipe up as much fur as it did off my couch. Definitely a good deal for anyone needing to groom their animals!

Elephant print car seat cover

This car seat cover is so cute and amazing. The colors are awesome but not overly bright in such a way to overwhelm a baby. The design is amazing, giving the parents a perfect view of their little one inside when they unzip the front “window”. In so doing though, there is no risk of letting in pesky flies or other flying insects because of the mesh covering. The material is really soft and washable for all those accidents that tend to come with having little ones. The car seat cover is really to put on the car seat and can be done quickly. The cover is stretchable so it will fit any car seat you have.

Dinosaur cake toppers

Super cute and absolutely perfect for the party I am throwing later this month. The colors are bright and cheery. The dinosaur shapes are cut with precision. The paper used for the dinosaurs is not thin at all. The dinosaurs are quite thick, a lot better than some I have bought in the past. The wooden sticks are also nice and sturdy. This set is a very high quality cake decoration set!

Yoga/ Pilates non-slip socks

These are great. I am really impressed with the non-slip grips on the bottom of the yoga socks. They have a really good grip. I wear a size 6 shoe and the socks fit me comfortably but there is still room for a larger shoe size. The individual toes on the socks gave me plenty of room without feeling overly constrictive. Some of the toes were extra long but it did not bother me at all. They have quickly become my favorite yoga socks and that is what I grab first from the drawer now.

Bluetooth Speaker

Loving this speaker so far. It is easily portable and even has a strap on it if you would like to hang it somewhere instead of setting it on a table. The sound so far has been crisp and clear with no connection issues between it and my phone. It is fairly easy to use, even for someone not totally adept at the progressing technology. I do not think it would handle a hard fall or being dropped very well but otherwise it is a great speaker that produces a great sound quality.

No Tie Shoelaces

The best no-tie shoelaces I have tried as an adult. They kept my shoes on my shoes in a very snug way so it did not feel like my feet were slipping around in my shoes. That includes trough a lot of physical activity and moderate hiking since we live in a area that inclines. They were very easy to put on my shoes and it was fast and quick to get my shoes ready. Loving them!

Magnetic Menu

This magnetic menu is great and fits on me refrigerator perfectly. My teenagers help with preparing meals and this is a tremendous help. With the menu being highly visible, my teenagers can just take a look and know what needs to be done. The menu wipes off without leaving any residue behind. The colors are bright and look great.