Gel Pens

Between my children and I, we enjoy doing many things artistic. Between art projects, crafting, scrapbooking, coloring I purchase a lot of gel pens. I have to say this set so far is my absolute favorite. Not because of the case either, even though the case is absolutely awesome. I used every single one of the pens to see how well they worked. Not one pen skipped or ran rough. Every pen worked from the very first stroke and filled in every space with ease. On the thinner, cheaper paper the pens did leak through some but on the good quality paper, they were perfect. The ink dried fairly quick afterwards also which reduced smearing. I love the fact that the set comes with extra ink to give extra life to the gel pens.

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Tec.Bean Action Camera

I recently purchased an action camera offered by a different company for over 3 times the amount of this camera. My son then asked for one while he is doing some of his activities. I knew I was not going to purchase him an expensive one and came across this one based on a recommendation. I have to say the picture quality of this camera compared to the more expensive one is very close. The camera fits snug in the case and is fairly easy to attach to the different attachments we have here at home. The initial connection was extremely difficult and confusing for me but my son was able to connect to his device with a lot more ease. I would say this is an excellent beginner’s camera or for someone who wants an action camera

but does not want to pay the popular high prices.

Backseat Car Organizer

I recently bought some other backseat organizer and thought they were perfect. Until we started planning for a last minute road trip and realized we were going to face a problem. This backseat car organizer fixed that problem! The pocket for the tablet fits my son’s tablet perfectly and also gives it a safe place to keep it. There are also plenty of other pockets for him to store miscellaneous items and I designated one specifically for any trash he gets so it is all in the same spot when we stop next. I love the quality of the material and how easy it was to get it on and adjusted just how we needed it. Great quality, great product!

Rimable 31 inch maple skateboard

My youngest son absolutely loves this skateboard to pieces. He is on it every single day trying to learn and get better. Up until a couple of weeks ago, he had never been on a board before but he got the taste for it now and wants to keep up with his big brothers. One of my older sons is helping him learn how to ride a skateboard which includes lots of falls. I have seen this board go through everything a young boy can put it through. The board has held up very well. The design continues to look spectacular. The wheels are light up wheels and even with the rough terrain where we live and the multiple crashes, the lights are still lighting up very nicely. My oldest son, who used to skateboard a lot, has told me this board is even better than the one he started out on, which cost quite a bit more than this one. Definitely has made a young boy happy!

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Rimable Drop-Through Longboard

They are in love!! A great longboard from Rimable that even my youngest can use. He is able to maneuver it even though it is almost as long as he is tall, lol. The longboard was able to handle the weight and maneuvers two of my older sons put it through.
All four wheels turn and glide smoothly allowing a nice, smooth ride. I was excited to see the size of the wheels. The wheel size allowed my son to take it through the community, even roads where it was mostly gravel.
The graphics on the design are awesome. I love the coloring and the smoothness of the application. This is a great longboard all the way around!


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Fairy Nightlight

Such a cute nightlight. It provides a soft, light glow in a dark room. Not bright enough to disturb sleep but light enough to find your way through a room or take care of child that awoke in the middle of the night. The light automatically adjusts to the brightness/darkness of the room so there is no turning it on or worrying about the light at all.

Uber Car Fridge

One word to describe this Uber appliance: awesome!! This has completely changed the way my husband eats during the day. He always found it a hassle trying to keep a regular cooler cool enough for food safety, especially during the summer here. Many times he would just grab something quick and easy like fast food during the day. He absolutely loves this! He loves the portability of the travel fridge. It has plenty of space inside for him to keep anything he wants in it during the day. It does an amazing job of keeping the food cold. He tried the warm setting just to see how it works, and we are both equally impressed with that aspect too. The cup holders up on top are nice for him to just set his drink on while he is working. The switch for switching from hot to cold is handy. When he gets home, he just carries it in using the handy carrying strap that comes with it. He found out the hard way that if left on all night, it will kill the truck battery. That has been the only issue we have come across though and that is not a problem at all. The fan is quiet also. The construction of this appliance is sound and durable. Excellent quality of materials were used in the making.

It also come in handy for our son’s baseball games so we always have cold drinks on hand during the hot summer afternoons. I can’t wait for our next hiking or fishing trip to use this also!

Food-Shaped Bookmarks

Very interesting bookmarks. Not what you would typically find or see people using. I think they work perfect for my cookbooks and such. I have been using them to mark the recipes I plan on using for my meal planning. They are made of a thick cardboard but will bend if pushed.