Grocery Art Silicone Burger Press

I grew up with the Tupperware stackable hamburger patty molds. My grandmother used them religiously and had a large collection of them. I inherited her set and have used them a couple of times because it is not as easy to get the patties out of them as it once was. I was extremely excited to try the silicone burger press from Grocery Art.

I made both regular hamburger and also turkey burgers in the silicone burger press and I am very pleased with the results as both. I mixed the meat the way I like it, placed it in the press, put the lid on and done! I took a picture of what the meat patties looked like in the bottom and also what happened when I flipped the burger press upside down. I premade the burgers and placed the whole thing in the freezer. When we were ready to grill the burgers, my husband had no problems at all getting the meat patties out whole. Yay!

The burger press makes a big burger. In fact, I could barely finish the one. I would, and actually am considering, purchasing a second burger press. With a family of 8, with four teenangers and three adults, we need two. Very much worth the money!

I received this product at a discounted price.


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