Uber Car Fridge

One word to describe this Uber appliance: awesome!! This has completely changed the way my husband eats during the day. He always found it a hassle trying to keep a regular cooler cool enough for food safety, especially during the summer here. Many times he would just grab something quick and easy like fast food during the day. He absolutely loves this! He loves the portability of the travel fridge. It has plenty of space inside for him to keep anything he wants in it during the day. It does an amazing job of keeping the food cold. He tried the warm setting just to see how it works, and we are both equally impressed with that aspect too. The cup holders up on top are nice for him to just set his drink on while he is working. The switch for switching from hot to cold is handy. When he gets home, he just carries it in using the handy carrying strap that comes with it. He found out the hard way that if left on all night, it will kill the truck battery. That has been the only issue we have come across though and that is not a problem at all. The fan is quiet also. The construction of this appliance is sound and durable. Excellent quality of materials were used in the making.

It also come in handy for our son’s baseball games so we always have cold drinks on hand during the hot summer afternoons. I can’t wait for our next hiking or fishing trip to use this also!


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