Back Stretcher

While this back stretcher does not look comfortable or able to provide relief, it does help. I do not go a day without lower back pain. Doesn’t matter what I do or whether my workouts are low impact or not, doesn’t matter whether I have sat a lot or been on my feet a lot. I live with constant pain and I am willing to try anything to ease that. I can tell a difference after laying on this device. Some days I lay on it longer than other days. Some days there is a huge difference, some days not so much. I do know when I use it at night before going to bed, I am dealing with less pain and can get comfortable faster and fall asleep quicker.

While I use it flat on the ground (works best for me), my husband will use it while sitting in a chair. He has back problems off and on from a severe rollover accident he was in a couple of years ago. He find it helps him get past that stint of discomfort and he is good to go. So this device is versatile and able to provide individual treatment depending how your needs and what works for you.


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