Silicone Animal Shaped tea Infusers

These are just too cute!! I absolutely love the fun animal designs. As soon as I opened the box, some of my kids were already laying claim on specific animals, lol.

I love that the openings in the animals are plenty large enough to easily place your tea leaves in. I am an avid tea drinker and absolutely love using tea leaves over tea bags. The problem I have encountered with some tea infusers is that little “floaties” get through. For the most part, the small particles do not bother me, but the larger ones definitely do. I am very pleased with the fact that these silicone animal tea infusers have not allowed any of the large particles through. Yay!

They are also very easy to wash and have not stained. I have washed them both by hand and in the dishwasher which excellent results both ways. If you like to use the used tea leaves for composting or adding fertilizer to soil, it is definitely a lot easier to remove the tea leaves after allowing the leaves to dry some.

I am already planning on ordering another set and making a gift basket for another tea loving friend!


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