Speed Jump Rope

I am seriously falling in love with jumping rope again. Since jumping rope is such a high calorie burn, it was one of the first pieces of equipment I bought when I was began building my home gym. But I hated it. While the rope swiveled really good, every now and then it seemed to stick. And I completely forgot what it felt like to get hit with a rope while jumping full speed. Ouch!
I was willing to give this jump rope a try though. I am thoroughly impressed. First of all it comes with a handy dandy storage bag. I wasn’t quite sure what I would need a storage bag for but then I saw the extra pieces. Awesome!! The rope itself was super long for my 5’4″ frame. It was really easy to undo the screws and adjust to the size I needed, completely customized for my comfort. In fact, I adjusted it with just my fingers.
Now the real test. Since I am not used to jumping rope anymore, it is guaranteed I will hit myself. Praying it doesn’t leave red marks across my shin, I set about jumping rope. The rope actually does what it states: a pain-free hit of the rope

right across my shins. It barely registered. Amazing. I am completely sold on this product.


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