Electronic Bug Zapper

We have tried other bug light zappers without a whole lot of success. Yes, they “zapped” the bugs and killed some but not all seemed to attract the flying insects enough for them to get near enough to be zapped. The electronic bug zapper from Hoont immediately zapped a gnat when my husband turned it on. What amazed me was the gnats and flies the were getting zapped immediately were not ones we had inside, but ones enjoying the flowering bushes next to the open kitchen window! The light was attracting them so they went directly in the grid and was zapped. We have had gnats, flies, horse flies and moths all killed with the bug zapper. The bottom tray is removable so it is easy to get rid of the nasty, dead insects. I did discover though that the insects do also land outside of the tray so be prepared to clean up the dead insects off the surface you have the zapper at.


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