IYELLOW In-Ear Earbuds

I do not tend to like in-ear earbuds because many of them make my ears hurt. I am loving these earbuds though! They come with different sizes of the silicone ear pieces, which I am very glad for because the ones that came on the earbuds were too large for my ears. The very awesome case that the earbuds come in has a special little pockets to keep extra ear pieces, yay! Speaking of the case, talk about awesome!! The storage case in the perfect size to throw into your purse or gym bag. It is a hard exterior. I am absolutely loving the case though because it seems like no matter what lengths I go to, the earbuds I carry in gym bag always seem to tangle up. Such a pain every time I want to use them! The storage case for these earbuds have kept the earbuds from tangling, no problems whatsoever. The earbuds are very comfy for using at the gym or for just listening to at home. The sound quality is absolutely amazing, crisp and clear. I have been using these almost every day since they were delivered. Love them!!!

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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