Panaric Food Chopper Shears

Such a great little kitchen tool! I hate getting a cutting board out to cut/ slice/ chop small things such as green onion. I am all about reducing fuss and mess in my kitchen. I knew I needed to try these food chopping shears when given an opportunity. I am so glad I did and anyone who is considering buying these shears, do it! It will make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. First of all, I love the safety lock on them. Having a younger child in my house still who is learning his way around the kitchen, I am all about safety. As long as the lock is on, I can be confident he won’t accidentally get cut on them while they are in the drawer. Of course since I hate cutting up green onion, especially if I don’t need the cutting board out for anything else, I just had to try the shears on green onion. Reduced the time to less than half of what I was spending before. I cut a whole bunch of green onion in just moments. The shears cut beautifully and easily. The cuts were all clean and not ragged or tearing. They were also super easy to wash afterward. These will definitely be used in my over and over. If you cut/ chop/ slice food, definitely place these in your shopping cart!


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