Ecvtop All-in-one Makeup Kit

Filing this under I will buy it for a gift but may end up keeping it for myself, lol. This kit is AMAZING! There is nothing you will need for the most part in this kit (I say for the most part because mascara is a necessity in my opinion. 🙂 ). The kit has stuff for a night on the town or for your everyday makeup wearing. it snaps close so you can throw it in your bag or purse wherever you go. The glitter eyeshadows are absolutely fabulous. Very bright and glittery. There is every color of eye shadow you could possibly want in this kit. Seriously. You will be able to get pretty much any look you want from just this one kit. Like the other Ecvtop makeup kit I tested, I am not fond of the brushes but have admittedly become a makeup brush snob so I do not find that deteriorates from the value of this kit at all. The mirror is huge also. Plenty of space to see whatever you are trying to get a look at. And the price? Spectacular. Never have I seen such an extensive kit for the price this is being offered for. Quality and cheap!

I received this product at a discounted price in order for testing.

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