Sunmas Electronic Muscle Stimulation

I have never tried anything like this before. Admittedly, it was a tad intimidating when I opened the box. I was even more concerned when the instructions manual wasn’t as detailed as I would have liked. I tentatively began putting everything together, which was really easy to figure out. I did have problems trying to figure out the wires but was able to get that taken care of too. I placed the belt and arm sleeves on and wished for the best. I turned on the remote and was pleasantly surprised. It was not uncomfortable nor was it painful. I was all prepared for the process to hurt but it didn’t. It is a gentle stimulation of your muscles that relaxes you as it is working.

I was also very pleased with the aftercare of the product. Since the pads that lay against your skin are sticky, I was prepared to wash my skin after to get off any sticky residue. But there wasn’t any residue at all. I gently ran the pads under some water to make sure there wasn’t anything on the pads. Once dry, the protective films go right back on so it is ready for use.

A very easy product to use and the materials are nice materials. You can go here for more product information.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.



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