No Tie Shoelaces

This is definitely an interesting concept. I was a little confused when I first opened the package and everything was in pieces. It was not hard to get it figured out though. I put a pair on my son’s shoes. It was quite simple and to begin with, you are just lacing up shoes as you would normally. After they are laced, the laces have to be threaded into the piece that locks the laces into place. And finally when all that is complete, you place a clip on the end of the laces to prevent the laces from pulling all the way through the locking mechanism. While I think they are pretty handy, and would probably work great for young children or anyone that has problems with tying regular shoe laces, my son actually is not thrilled with them. He hates tying his shoes (grade school aged) so I thought he would be impressed. I see the benefits of the laces and the laces are easy to put on shoes. The prices is good for 2 complete pairs of laces. I would definitely have made sure I enough for all his shoes if he was younger. I may use the second pair on a pair of tennis shoes I use around the house and see how they work out for me personally.


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