Ecvtop 29 piece makeup pallette

If you are looking for a cute, cost-effective makeup set to gift to anyone, I would recommend this. It also is not a bad set to throw in a small purse or makeup bag for a night out on the town. I am not particularly fond of the brushes that come with the set but that is just a minor detail. I have plenty of other brushes that I love and work just as well with this set. The colors of the eye shadows are nice and glittery and cover your skin fairly well. The blushes are nice and provide excellent coverage for your cheeks. The lip gloss was not bad but it is not the best either. For me it took a couple of layers to get an even color clear across both lips. My favorite part of the makeup set is the size of the mirror. With the size, it is so easy to apply or reapply the makeup using just that mirror and not having to carry a separate mirror or find a decent mirror. The whole thing is held together by a snap that has not fallen open once with me.

I received this product at a discounted price in order for testing.



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