FunBites Fun!!

Absolutely love this new addition to our kitchen. My youngest son loves it even more! As I type this up, he is in the kitchen cutting more things into squares. He is excited to be able me in the kitchen with his two little cousins that come over several days a week. And I feel safe leaving him alone in the kitchen to do this. We have had other cutters in the house for sandwiches, but they do not do well on fruit. We also have fruit cutters, but the edges are too sharp for me to let my son use. The FunBites food cutter cuts not only sandwiches with ease, but also fruit! There will be a video attached that shows my son using it on a mango for the first time. Even he is surprised it worked as well as it did. The food cutter is also easy to wash, just toss it in the dishwasher and you are all done! This nifty little kitchen tool has made such an impact in out kitchen in just a short time.

I cannot attach a video but here is a link to the video stated above. 🙂


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