Pure Body Naturals Products


Coconut oil has so many healthy uses. I personally hate coconut of any sort. But because of the health benefits, I use a coconut oil for cooking (processed a little extra unfortunately so it doesn’t taste like coconut oil), I use a coconut oil based shampoo and conditioner.

This particular coconut oil comes with a handy and convenient pump. I have it sitting on the counter and I am using it to moisturize my extremely dry skin. It is not greasy or oily so I can continue on with my normal, daily activities right after application. You do not need a whole lot of oil for moisturizing because a little goes a long way. The coconut oil is lightly scented so it is not very odorous.

Triple Butters Gift Set

I LOVE this gift set! First of all, you receive three different body butters: shea, cocoa and mango. Second of all, 100% natural! The butters are perfectly thick and are easily absorbable The butters are very moisturizing. You can mix the butters and create your own special blend. Each butter comes with a little spoon to help scoop out the butters. This is perfect as a gift or for yourself.

Rosehip Oil

The Rosehip Essential Oil is amazing! The scent is wonderful. I love just rubbing it into some trouble areas on my skin. It feels wonderful immediately. I have chronic dry skin. There are only one or two lotions I have found that gives me any lasting relief. I will rub some Rosehip essential oil and immediate relief. I also smell good after too! The relief it provides lasts for a few hours.


Lemon Oil

The lemon oil smells like lemons, yay!! One of the things I look for in essential oils is whether they smell natural or chemical. Thank goodness this particular smells natural. I have used it to scent homemade cleaners and hand soaps. It can also be used in an oil diffuser.

Caviar Anti Aging Serum

The serum goes on light. Not much is needed in order to provide the necessary coverage. My experience with other serums making the same claims has not gone over really well. My face was often left red and a burning sensation. This serum did not cause as extreme of a reaction which I am very thankful for.


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