Bicycle Accessories

This will be a post I continually add to as I come across more biking products to test. 🙂

Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable Bike Lock

This is a basic cable bike lock with a very nice addition. The cable for the lock is sturdy. I appreciate the length, makes it easy to find a secure place to lock the bike to. The numbers for the combination spin with ease and does not stick as of yet. There is an attachment you can add to your bike to secure the cable bike lock to your bike so you always have it with you. If there is ever a need for you to use the bike lock at night, that’s not a problem. No more juggling with a light, trying to get the numbers for the combination turned properly. This particular product has a built-in LED light. With a simple push of the button, it lights up!

Xtreme Bright Illumilock Blade Bike U-Lock

Honestly, when I was first asked to test this bike lock, I was not impressed. Then the item came in and instead of placing it on my son’s bike, I may be keeping it, lol. This is way more than just a bike lock. It is also a headlight and a taillight. When not using it as a bike lock, attach the U piece to the rear of your bike and you have a taillight. The rectangular piece the lock attached to also doubles as a headlight. Just simply mount it to the headlight attachment. It comes with 2 keys. I think any serious bicyclist would absolutely LOVE this lock!

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Xtreme Bright Air Mini Bike Pump

Frankly, I would not purchase this particular mini pump. It is not a bad mini pump, it does work. I will be putting this one on my youngest son’s bike just because the one I have on my bike is much better quality. My youngest son goes around the neighborhood unless he is with me or my older sons so it will work for him just fine if something happened while he was out with his friends. it is slow to air though and I do not personally like the mounting bracket. Like I said, it does work but for the price, I would expect more efficiency.

Xtreme Bright Illumilock Super U-Lock Bike Lock

This is another really good bike lock. The other U lock is still my favorite but this would please just about any bicyclist in your life. It is a heavy-duty lock that will last you a while. It does comes with a tail light with 3 different modes of light. Definitely worth the price!

Xtreme Air Bike Pump – Built-in digital pressure gauge

We already owned a bike pump with a pressure gauge but with the old-fashioned dial gauges. We thought that was nice but the digital gauge is awesome! It makes it a whole lot easier to know what the PSI with just a quick glance. The pump works well, the needles sit secure in the pump. A good buy!


Xtreme Bright Pro Series X55 LED Headlamp

This is a very nice headlamp! My husband wanted to take it instead of letting my son use it for his night paintball fun. It is adjustable and rechargeable. I love the rechargeable feature! There is quite a good length of charge time so there is not any worries about it dying on you when it is fully charged. My son finds the headlamp comfortable to wear and easy to use. This headlamp is definitely worth every penny for anyone who has a use for such an item.


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