XJ-500 Wireless Headphones

OMG!!!!!! Everyone that uses headphones, needs these like now. I have tested several brands and types of headphones, including wireless. I honestly thought I had discovered another set that was the best for an affordable price. But I was wrong. The comfort of these headphones are beyond explanation. It is like wearing pillows on your ears. Even the band is soft and comfortable. They are adjustable so just about anyone can use fit them. The sound quality is superb. Even my son, who is a headphones snob loving the name brand outrageously expensive headphones, said the sound was excellent. Being a tad bit challenged when it comes to technology, especially Bluetooth  capabilities, I found these to be fairly easy to sync and use. It did require a bit of “what the heck am I doing wrong???”  But I managed without having to ask my son for assistance, and that is huge!

They also come with an awesome, protective carrying case and a recharging cord. These headphones have everything you will want!

By these for yourself. By them for a gift. But if you buy them as a gift, you may be tempted to keep them.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.



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