Electric Foot File/ Callus Remover

Considering I have never used an electric foot file before, I was real hesitant in trying this out. I had many concerns, like how abrasive it would be, would it file down too fast? I am actually quite pleased with this product! It is very easy to use. It has a safety switch so you can’t just turn it on. It also has an added safety measure that turns it off automatically if it gets pushed down too hard onto your skin. Which of course I did try and it did work. 🙂 It does very well filing the skin and calluses down in little time. A whole lot faster than a manual foot file! I could definitely feel a noticeable difference in the feel of my feet. I am going to have to hide it from my husband since he stole my last really good manual foot file, lol.

It is rechargeable so you do not need to be plugged in while using it. It comes with 2 extra file attachments and  a cleaning brush. It also has a very size and sturdy storage/ traveling case.

The electric foot file will definitely become a part of my routine pedicure treatment!

I received this at a discounted price for testing.

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