Night Repair Cream

The night repair cream will be part of my nightly routine from here on out. The first thing I noticed about this cream is the size. Compared to other night creams of similar costs, First Botany’s cream is definitely a lot bigger! The second thing noticed is the slight, delicate, floral scent. It is perfect for my taste. Next is the container. Instead of dipping your fingers or a makeup sponge into the container and scooping up some cream to run into your skin, all you do is lift the lid and down on the top. By pushing down on the top, the cream is pushed up out of the top. Then it is super easy to apply.

The cream is light on your skin and does not clog your pores. There is no greasy feel left on your skin and your face and neck are left feeling soft.

Since writing this 1st review, I have been using this particular product for a couple of months. I absolutely love it. I have ordered a 2nd one. I honestly do not think I will go back to any other brand of cream.


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