Era Organics Products

I will be testing a multitude of Era Organics products so I wanted to make sure all the products were easy to find. Prior to this, I had tested one of their products called Relief and I was thoroughly impressed. I use this product religiously. It has been the only product I have tried, and I have tried many, that actually works on the problems I have with my skin due to my autoimmune disease. I am super excited to be testing out other products for this company!


To start with, I do not like the smell of this facial moisturizer at all. Yes, it is a natural product which means it is not fragranced with chemicals. If you are overly sensitive to scent, beware of this. I do not notice a scent once I apply it though. Outside of that, this facial moisturizer does work. It is applied very thinly, not heavy at all. It is not greasy at all, nor does it feel oily. I use it on a daily basis with no problems.


As much as I hate to say this, I personally would not buy this baby powder. The baby powder is great. I love the powder. It is definitely something I would consider using IF it didn’t cost so much.


The stretchmark oil from Era Organics is not a bad product at all. It is a tad bit on the expensive end. It doesn’t smell the greatest from the scent is not offensive either. The oil moisturizes the skin very nicely. While the oil is a tad expensive, it is necessary to take in the considerations that it is organic and natural. You also will not need a large amount either per use.


Healing balm is a MUST for parents! Every baby at some point has an issue with cradle cap, rashes, chapped skin, etc. Parents want to make sure they are helping their precious little one with the best product they can get their hands on at an affordable price. The healing balm, while not the cheapest, is great for the quality. You do not need a whole lot of in order to spread it across the skin. It is easily absorbable without leaving a greasy film. As with all of Era Organics products, this one is also organic and all-natural.


The diaper rash cream is a very nice cream and works very nicely. It is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy film on your baby’s skin. You do not need a lot a lot of the cream, which is nice. It is a little bit on the expensive side. Not outrageous but not exactly cheap either for the size. It is all-natural and organic though.



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