Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea

I am a tea drinker. In fact, there are not too many teas I will not drink. Green tea is my favorite. I have been known on several occasions to swing through a Starbucks and grab just an unsweet, iced green tea. Since I began hearing about Matcha tea, I have been intrigued with all the wonderful attributes of using it in everything from drinks to even baking. I have tried multiple brands trying to find my favorite. This Matcha Green Tea Powder has beat them all so far. A smooth taste with no bitterness, dissolves quickly and easily if you are making it into a tea to drink. There is not any “floaties” in your drink. I normally use infuser cups for my teas and flavored water, it wouldn’t matter with this brand as it fully dissolved in under a minute. I have not ventured into the baking world with Matcha tea but I think I am now ready to try.


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