Essential Oil Labs Products

I am going to make one post regarding all the essential oils I am testing from this particular company. I will adding oils to this post as I test them.


The first essential oil I am testing is the Peppermint Oil. One of the biggest things I have enjoyed about this oil is the fact that it smells like candy canes to me. So I proceeded to use it in some homemade hand soap to use in the house for the holidays. I have had several compliments about the smell of the soap by guests using it. There are also many therapeutic uses for peppermint oil. The peppermint oil comes with an e-book to give you ideas how to use it.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.



So far I have used the rosemary essential oil just in my diffuser. It has a nice “earthy” scent. One that reminds me of the summers spent in the cabin up in the mountains. Rosemary oil can be used inn many therapeutic ways, such as making lotions and creams. It is a good essential oil that is worth the price it is being offered for. It comes with an e-book that gives you a variety of recipes for the rosemary oil.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.



Tea tree oil is an amazing oil that has many therapeutic and medicinal purposes. I personally use the tea tree oil to make a salve or cream that can be used to place on cuts or burns as you would neosporin. My teen sons use a tea tree cream for acne control. Tea tree oil is a must have for any medicine cabinet. So many uses!


Lavender essential oil is a staple in our house. It gets used daily for many things. I carry a bottle in my truck to use in my car oil diffuser. It has a calming effect when used for aromatherapy. We also use it to rub on the base of our scalp when we are suffering from headaches. For the quality of the lavender, the price is not too terribly bad.



Personally, I had never even heard of ylang ylang oil until it was offered to me to test. The scent is quite different than what I am used to and what I expected. It is like an earthy, flowery type scent. Very hard to describe. I have only used it in my oil diffuser and the ascent is not unpleasant at all. It is said to help alleviate feelings of anger depression and anxiety creating a peaceful relaxing environment for those in the room.


First off, the oil is a very good price. And while the oil has a downside, because of the price, I will still purchase it. The sweet almond oil does leave your skin feeling slightly oily after using, not excessively, but enough to make a difference. I have used another brand of almond oil where it does not leave the same oily feeling. The oily feeling dissipates quickly though. There is no scent to the almond oil but you can add other essential oils that have a scent if that is your preference. The almond oil does makes my skin feel really nice.

Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil was a completely new oil for me. There are claims for it working on sunburns, acne and pain. Fortunately we have not had the need to any of those situations. The only pain that has been dealt with since receiving this product is a broken bone, and well, I am not massaging that extremely tender area right now, lol. What I did do though, was place it in my essential oil diffuser. Initially, the odor was pungent, a lot stronger than anything I have ever had before. I am very pleased to report that after becoming use to that particular scent, I quite enjoyed it. My 10 year old son absolutely loves the scent and has from the moment I opened it.


Rose Oil

I love the smell of roses. Roses remind me of my mom. I used to sit watching her nurture and care for her rose bushes. I took that for granted while growing up. Now I would give anything to see her doing it again. I actually have this rose oil in the diffuser in my living room right now. This is definitely an oil I have to keep on hand!

Essential Oils Gift Set: Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender

This is a perfect set of popular essential oils for the perfect price. All three of the essential oils included in this gift set are ones we use on a regular basis for numerous things. Aromatherapy and healing qualities being the most popular. This is a perfect set for anyone starting off in the world of essential oils or for gifting to others who are beginning in oils. Even if you are an expert, this is a great set because of price is absolutely wonderful for three 1 oz. bottles.

Castor Oil

So far I have only used the castor oil in my hair. With my one autoimmune disease, my hair is affected tremendously. It gets real dry, falls out, breaks easily. I was hoping that using the castor oil in my hair might help. While it has helped my hair be less dry and feel softer, I cannot be 100% sure that it is helping with it falling out and breaking. I think we continued use, I might see more results. The great thing about the castor oil is that you can customize it with oil oils such as coconut or almond oils or even essential oils.


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