MoJo PetsLife Pet Grooming Tool

I love, love, love this comb for my furbabies! We have 2 long-haired dogs that always shed. Year round it seems like we find fur everywhere. It is a pain. They both have gorgeous coats, but the shedding can be horrible. We have 2 different types of brushes, we have 3 different dog combs, including one that states specifically it is for shedding dogs. The comb from MoJo PetsLife is so far superior than the one I purchased from a local store. The comb easily and quickly catches loose fur. There is not fur flying anywhere because the comb is securely holding it. When the comb is full, push the ejector button and there goes the fur into the trash without having to touch one bit of it. My dogs seem to like the comb, in fact my long-haired dachshund followed me around after combing him while I had the comb in hand. The handle on the comb is nice and sturdy providing confidence that the product will last quite some time. Only the best for my furbabies!!

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.



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