AT Taco Holder and Silicone Mat

Tacos!! A definite list in my house. A couple of my kids would have them nearly every day if I let them.

Having 6 kids, I remember the fun of taco night. Trying to get several tacos filled at once, shells falling over, taco filling spilling everywhere. Ugh. A favorite dinner turned into a pain for mom.

Even though they are older now, taco making can still be a pain. So I love my taco holders! My old set did come with a mat like this set does. So what happens without a mat catching everything that doesn’t make it into the shells? A mess on the counter. Ugh.

This set has a solution for every taco night problem. Line the taco holders up with shells. Now easily and smoothly go through and full each and every shell without having shells fall over and filling going every where. Several tacos made in no time flat. So you are in a hurry and miss the shells? Not an issue. The food lands on the mat and makes for an easy clean up. At the end of the night, throw all the pieces into the dishwasher and taco night is simplified.

If you regularly make tacos in your house, you need this taco holder set. Want to make a unique gift basket? The taco holders work for that too.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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