First Botany Eucalyptus Oil

First Botany is an excellent brand. I have loved each and every one of the products I have purchased from them. Of course I jumped at the chance to test another one of their products!

The Eucalyptus Oil did not disappoint. It is another excellent product. The Eucalyptus is nice and strong as you would hope it to be. There are several therapeutic uses for Eucalyptus. I have been using it in my essential oil diffuser for the past week, along with a mixture of other essential oils. I have been very sick and the combination has worked very well in opening my airways and allowing me to breathe easier.

This particular product comes in a large 4 oz glass bottle with a glass dropper. I love the glass droppers because it makes it a lot easier to measure out just the right amount of oil I want. Since a little bit of Eucalyptus oil goes a long way, this bottle is well worth the cost. In fact, I have almost as much on smaller bottles.

Definitely look into the First Botany products!! They are priced very affordably and have a wide variety of products.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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