OTBBA Toe Stretchers

The OTBBA toe stretchers come with two different types of sets. There is the set that is designed like what I am more familiar with. The style that looks like a comb in my book. Quite frankly, I have always had issues with that style. My toes just have never fit right in any of the ones I have tried. And while my toes still do not seem to fit right in these toe separators, the silicone design makes it more comfortable than the typical toe separators that are used.

The other design, you just slide your toes into. I have never tried this style of toe separator before. All I can say is, where has these been my entire life?!?! These are the MOST comfortable toe separators I have ever used. They are amazing, and I am sure the silicone helps tremendously in the comfort aspect.

I would recommend the OTBBA toe stretchers to anyone just for that set period. They are so worth it and you wouldn’t regret it at all!

I received this product free of charge for testing.



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