Glass Olive Oil Mister

This product came just in time! The oil mister I have been using for quite some time has stopped working and instead of misting, it just squirted out oil.

The glass oil mister from Simply Better Products is a great design. It is easy to hold and pump the oil out. The glass oil mister sends out a perfect mist of oil and covers the surfaces wonderfully. It is easy to pump more oil so it can be sprayed with ease.

If you enjoy making your own oil based dressings, this will be good to use for that also. The glass jar provides a perfect container for the dressing. The mister would provide a perfect mist of dressing to any salad without drenching it or getting too much of it in one area.

I am very pleased with this product. If you have never purchased a refillable oil mister, I highly recommend that you try one out. This would be a good one to try!

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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