Gideon Indoor Retractable Clothesline

I was very excited to get this product. I have bought several articles of clothing in the last few months that cannot go into the dryer and unfortunately we have not had the time to repair our outdoor clothesline.

To begin with, the retractable clothesline is very easy to install. That was a definite plus. It is very easy to hook the part that extends with the clothesline over the L-hooks that came with the product. You can secure the line and lock it into place so you do not have to worry about the line retracting when you do not want it to.The locking mechanism actually does lock securely. It comes with a handful of plastic clothespins that holds tight.

There are a couple issues with the retractable clothesline though. First of all, the extension piece does not attach to the L-hooks very well. With just the slightest bump, I have knocked it off the hooks twice while maneuvering around in the laundryroom. Also if you don’t keep the clothing on the lines balanced in the front and back, the extension piece will pop off the L-hooks.

Otherwise, the product is decent to use. Once I remember to watch myself around it when I have it pulled out, it will be good. I do love the fact that I only have to have it out when I am using it. It rolls right back up without an issue.


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