Ozeri Tower Fan and Heater

I love tower fans. I love the slim designs. I love the almost silent sound you get from them. And now I have a new reason to love them: You can get them as a heater too!!

Ozeri has come out with a model that has dual fans that cools AND heats. The Ozeri tower fan and heater allows you to operate each fan independently. Besides being able to heat and cool a room, the next best thing about the Ozeri tower fan and heater is the temperature control. I have my Ozeri currently set to 72 degrees. In the morning, to get the chill out of the air, I turn it on. The Ozeri tower fan and heater proceeds to run until it hits 72 degrees. Once there, like the thermostat in your house, the Ozeri turns off, ready to go back on if the room temperature drops again. You can also use the timer on it. The timer works excellently, turning off precisely when it is supposed to.

The heat and cool air that is put out by the Ozeri tower fan and heater is definitely going to help in this house. Sometimes there is just not a need to run the whole A.C./ heater system. This will help keep a single room cool or warm whenever you want for however long you want to. Each fan also has its own removable, washable filter so the air will always be clean coming through. The Ozeri tower fan and heater also oscillates so you can keep the air moving throughout the whole room and not just in the one general area.

To control the Ozeri tower fan and heater, there is an included remote and a touchscreen on the actual fan. On the back of the fan, you have a switch for the main power supply to the Ozeri tower. On top of the fan, there is a power button. In the morning, I push the power on and once everything is warm enough, I turn it off from the button or remote. The remote is simple to use, as is the touchscreen on the fan.

Everything about this product screams simplicity with great quality. If you choose to purchase this product, you will not regret it. I highly recommend this product for everyone.

I received this product free of charge for testing.

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