Baby Car Seat Cover

The baby car seat cover from Amazlinen is excellent!! The exposed material is soft and the minky lining is extremely soft. Perfect to keep your precious little one comfortable.

Honestly, I am new to using baby car seat covers with this being only the second one I have tried out. I was not impressed with the first one I tried from another company. The material was cheap and thin and the cover sagged into the car seat. The baby car seat cover from Amazlinen slides over the handle, keeping the cover snugly in place without any sagging at all. There is a zippered area that opens up so you can look into the car seat to easily check on your precious little one. I was also pleasantly surprised (I guess I should have read the description better when I ordered, lol) to see a mesh attachment for the baby car seat cover also. The mesh attachment allows the baby car seat cover to be unzipped, allowing fresh air to your baby, without fear of pesky insects disturbing them.

The baby car seat cover is also very versatile. You are able to use it as a comfortable nursing cover, a sanitary cover for a shopping cart so your baby can be safe while you are shopping. it can also be used inside a high chair.

Since the baby car seat cover can be used for so many different things, there are a couple of other things to take into consideration about the product. Such as how easy it is to clean and the portability. First of all, if you are not using it on your car seat but want to bring it with you, it folds right up into itself making it easy to toss into a diaper bag. I was concerned about how easy it would be get it folded back up again after using it, but it was the easiest thing I have ever refolded back into itself and make fit. I tossed the baby seat cover into the washing machine on cold and then hung it to dry. There was not any shrinking at all and the baby car seat cover came out of the machine looking beautiful.

I highly recommend this product for any new parent. I would definitely include in any baby gift I would give.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.

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