IFfree mini pom poms

Who likes to craft and make fun things? We do in this house! High quality craft items that can be purchased inexpensively in a must though.

I have to say right off the bat that I love the zippered, heavy-duty plastic bag the pom poms come in. I love that I can securely store the pom poms without worrying about having them spill the next time I grab the bag out of the crafting cupboard.

In my quest to find inexpensive pom poms, I have purchased some of the small packs from the dollar stores. I have been disappointed because the pom poms are stiff and wiry. Not at all soft and fluffy. I have purchased similar sized packages of pom poms

from craft store and local general stores. The craft stores can get pricey. The general stores are similarly priced as IFfree. The pom poms from IFfree are soft. Not at all stiff and wiry. They are fluffy and easy to work with. The size of package for the price is a great buy because the quality makes it worth it.

I received this product at a discounted price.


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