Helichrysum and Rosehip Essential Oils

First Botany is an excellent brand of oils to use and purchase. I have,from this company,  up to a dozen of the more common essential oils you hear about, such as lavender, peppermint, etc. I was extremely excited to test out two of the essential oils I have never worked with before: Helichrysum and Rosehip.

Helichrysum Essential Oil was a completely new oil for me. There are claims for it working on sunburns, acne and pain. Fortunately we have not had the need to any of those situations. The only pain that has been dealt with since receiving this product is a broken bone, and well, I am not massaging that extremely tender area right now, lol. What I did do though, was place it in my essential oil diffuser. Initially, the odor was pungent, a lot stronger than anything I have ever had before. I am very pleased to report that after becoming use to that particular scent, I quite enjoyed it. My 10 year old son absolutely loves the scent and has from the moment I opened it.

The Rosehip Essential Oil is amazing! The scent is wonderful. I love just rubbing it into some trouble areas on my skin. It feels wonderful immediately. I have chronic dry skin. There are only one or two lotions I have found that gives me any lasting relief. I will rub some Rosehip essential oil and immediate relief. I also smell good after too! The relief it provides lasts for a few hours.

I received both of these products for a discounted price for testing.


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