Colored Pencil Pack

You may start to notice a tendency for certain type of products to be purchased and tested. I love finding new things at awesome prices for my family. I love to be able to provide for them items that encourage their imaginations and contributes to their hobbies.

Drawing and craft projects are a couple of those things. While I have a son who is completely into art and is definitely talented in the area, my other children just love drawing or coloring. I would not spend the same amount in pencils and paper for them as my son who is looking at a career in the field.

Star Infiniti has a wonderful set for the everyday doodler or the one who just wants to color with pencils. There are plenty of colors: a total of 48. The colors you would expect to receive, are of decent brightness. The quality is great, not professional, but more than adequate for regular everyday use. The plastic container the pencils come in is surprisingly durable and easy to open and close.The doodle pad that comes with it is decent quality, once again not professional, but perfect for regular everyday use. This is definitely a pencil set I would purchase again for my household.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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