Colore Colored Pencils

Colore is a great brand for colored pencils. This is actually my second set from them and I cannot say enough how great the quality is. The tips are durable and not easily broken, which is super important when they are getting passed around from child to child. Or even carried around. You do not go through the lead super easy so there is not a lot of pencil dust left on the paper. Each and every color is bright and vivid, true to what it is supposed to be.

The pencils come in a metal storage container. That adds to quality of the pencils. A paper box will tear, or if it is dropped, pencils may get broke, especially the tips. The metal case used for this brand, protects the pencils even in mishaps. That way the longevity of their lives is extended.

The quality of the pencils are such that even my son, who is an artist that uses pencils and has begun to sell his pencil drawings, is ecstatic about the quality. They make a great addition to anyone who uses colored pencils for any reason at any time.

The Colore colored pencils may seem a bit pricey in some eyes. But I honestly and truly believe the quality of these pencils are well worth that extra splurge.

I received this product at a discounted price for testing.


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