Denali Active Chillax Insulated Cooler

When it comes to drinks in a can I rarely drink them quickly. Many times over I have poured out drinks because they became too warm for my tastes. Each time, I know I am just pouring money down the drain. I was very eager ti test out this particular product to see if that would help.

I am a regular Monster Zero drinker (home schooling mom, student, family, etc equals many, many late nights and early mornings). There has been several times though the Monster has gotten warm and just tasted funky. So my first afternoon trying the Denali insulated drink cooler, I used it for a Monster and hoped for the best.  I was grateful to see that over an hour later, my drink was still cold inside the drink cooler. Yay! This is going to end up saving me so much money.

I received this product for a discounted price.


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