Encounter Racerback Sports Bra

Anyone who has done any form of exercise knows how vital a good supportive sports bra is. I learned the hard way about how uncomfortable it can get with a sports bra that lacks the proper support when I first started running. Not only does a sports bra need to be supportive, the material has to be comfortable and allow for breathability. I have also learned that a high price on a sports bra, does not equate good quality.

The Encounter sports bra has met every single one of my expectations. I have tested it with cardio routines and also just to wear it for a day to see how it holds on. The material is soft and extremely comfortable. The design and material used in the construction of the sports bra allows it to breathe and provide that extra bit of comfort. The sports bra comes with thin, removeable pads so there is an option there for optimum comfort. The Encounter sports bra provided plenty of support through all cardio exercises I wore it for, including running.

I would recommend this bra to anyone looking for a great quality sports bra at an affordable price.

I received this product at a discounted price.14643013_10208952274099024_251684618_n


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