Pabojoe Men’s Italian Leather Wallet

I have fallen in love with Pabojoe wallets! The quality is exceptional in each of the wallets I have ordered. This Pabojoe wallet is no different. As soon as you remove the protective bag, you are overwhelmed with the scent of genuine leather. I don’t know about you but I love the scent of high quality genuine leather. In my opinion, there is nothing else like it. The color of the leather is a rich, slightly variegated brown. The wallet consists of very soft leather that is easy to open and use.

The wallet has 1 large pocket for bills.There is a clear pocket for I.D.s and such as soon as you opened it. There are also 6 other pockets for cards. There is a section held closed with a snap. In the snapped area, there are 2 slots to hold keys along with 9 other pockets for cards. There is also another long pocket for additional bills.

I am certain if you purchase this wallet, you will fall in love with the quality and brand as my family has. In fact, with such great quality and a very affordable price, I will be purchasing Pabojoe wallets as Christmas gifts for extended family members.

I received this wallet free of charge.


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