BUBM Padded 32 capacity CD/DVD Storage Case

The CD/DVD case is both firm and soft. Even in the event that the CD/DVD case gets dropped, your discs will be safe from any damage. When the CD/DVD case is zipped closed, moisture did not get inside the CD/DVD case when a glass of water was spilled next to it. The sleeves inside the CD/DVD case are well constructed and have not separated with putting discs in and pulling them out. The discs also slide in and out with ease. Light weight items can be placed on top of the CD/DVD case without any damage to the discs inside. I do not think I would risk putting anything too terribly heavy on it though. The greatest advantage to purchasing one of the CD/DVD cases

is the fact that you can carry several discs with you and not take up a lot of space. Or if you are in an area where you just don’t have enough space to store all those cases, this makes a great alternative both in quality and financially.

I received this product at a discounted price.



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