Microfiber and Cotton Blend Kitchen Towels

I have tried several brands of microfiber towels. The first set I ever bought were wonderful and worked so well. Unfortunately, I could not find the brand when I needed to replace the ones I had. So started the quest to find another brand.

While I have enjoyed these towels immensely for the jobs I have used them for, they do have two major drawbacks.

The positives: they dry all dishes extremely well and quick. I have used them on glass, ceramic, plastic. There has not been any disappointment in that area at all. They also work very well for wiping down countertops and for cleaning up spills. The towels have soaked up the spills fast enough before they have a chance to spread all over or run down to the floor.

The negatives: After a handful of washes, the towels did start pilling some. Not a lot but enough where I know with continued use and washing, they will continue to do so. If it wasn’t for that, I would say I found the perfect towels for my kitchen. The price is also a little high. At the $14.95 price they currently are, if it wasn’t for the pilling, I would pay that for them. They are good towels. But with the pilling,  cannot justify that price.

The towels will still get used in my kitchen. That is for sure. I do not know how long they will last, but they will definitely get worked.

I received this product for a discounted price.


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