Star Wars Lightsaber Coffee Mug

One word: Awesome!! This is the perfect gift to yourself or to your favorite Star Wars fan! When you first open the box, it looks like your average old coffee mug with some Star Wars designs. Nothing fancy, average size, nothing spectacular. Unless you are a Star Wars, which I am not, then it is spectacular because it is Star Wars. My son, who is completely 100% addicted to Star Wars went bananas when he saw what was on the coffee mug, before knowing the secret behind it.

The secret behind this coffee mug is that it is heat activated. When hot liquid gets poured in, the light sabers “turn on”. Not being a Star Wars fan, it was even fun for me watching the light sabers turn on. At first, it was just one, then more of them began to light up. It was pretty cool!

As the liquid cooled down, the light sabers slowly “turned off”. At least you know then, you need to hurry up and finish your coffee or hot tea. 🙂

I received this product at a discounted price.


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