Handle and Lid for 30 oz. Tumblers

I purchased a 30 oz. King tumbler a few months back. I absolutely love the tumbler, works well beyond what I expected it too, but I did not have a handle for it. At home, the lack of handle for such a wide tumbler, was not so bad. But in the vehicle, that was a different story. I was very excited to be to get the handle and lid set from Bevalig.

I had some concerns when I first used it. While it went on fairly easy, I was concerned with the fact that the handle didn’t sit quite where my OCD brain says it should. Even so, I courageously filled it with Oolong tea and let it steep. When I was certain I could not get burned by the hot liquid inside the tumbler, I tried everything I could to get that handle to shift without actually pushing down on it to remove it. I then cautiously picked up the tumbler by the handle and prayed it held strong. It did and I love the handle. The handle makes carrying the tumbler so much easier, it makes drinking from it so much easier. If I had known then what I know now, I would have purchased the handle addition when I first purchased my tumbler.

Two days before the handle and lid were delivered, my third son knocked my tumbler down, it landed on the edge of the lid and chipped the lid right where you put your lips. Ugh. The lid that came with this set was a perfect fit. I do have one complaint about it though. It is very difficult to remove it once you have it on if you have liquid in it. If the tumbler is empty, there is not a concern about sloshing or tipping or anything. I made my tea a tad too strong and decided to add a 1/4 tsp of Truvia to it. I finally gave up and drank the strong tea as is because there was no way I was getting the lid off without making a mess on my countertops. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just make sure your drink is exactly the way you want it before placing the lid on.

The handle and lid set is not made for just one specific brand, they have multiple ones listed. I am certain it would fit most other 30 oz, tumblers not listed with the same diameter.

I received this product at a discounted price.


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