Austrian Crystal Leaf Hair Comb

This is really a beautiful hair piece. Much more than I expected for the price. The hair comb is gold plated but looks great. The crystals used are clear and beautiful.

I have always had issues with wearing hair combs. I have seen some gorgeous ones I have just passed up because they like to slide and not stay in place. I am not 100% sure how the design of this hair comb is different from others I have tried. I have long since gotten rid of the other hair combs I have tried. But the hair comb stayed in place and felt secure. I was very excited! Not only do I have a gorgeous hair comb but I can actually use it!

Another great thing about the hair comb is the fact that it can be used for any occasion. you can dress up some jeans or wear it with formal wear.

I received this at a discounted price.14571981_10208890005622351_103592939_o14628180_10208890006022361_2135087068_n


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