TedGem motion-activated nightlight

I received a 2 pack of the TedGem night lights to test. The design is an interesting design, kind of looking like a squished blob. They are white so easily visible. They attach to a metal plate with a magnet. The metal plate attached to the surface of your choice with one of the dual sided sticky pads. So far it has held up hanging on the wall.

I immediately placed one in the toilet room of the kids’ bathroom. I couldn’t decide on what color of light to use. There is an option for a blue light or a soft white light. It does uses to AA batteries so be prepared for that. The only good thing about it not being rechargeable if the fact that the light is LED and is motion-activated. The LED makes it a high efficiency light. The motion-activated means it does not have to stay on all night.

While the lights are nice and I do like the way they look and the quality is decent, I am not sure if I would price the $20 price for them. Even with getting 2 of them in the pack. It all depends on how long the double-sided sticky pad stays secure to the wall since that is my biggest concern.

You can find this product on Amazon.

I received this product free of charge.


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