Portable Teapot with Stainless Steel Filter Basket

To start off with, the gift box it comes in is amazing. I absolutely love it! The portable teapot is made of glass. The glass is thick. If you are worried about the hot liquid inside the teapot burning your hand, there is a silicone band around the glass in order to protect your hand. Even the bare glass is not hot to the touch which is wonderful. The filter basket is stainless steel. The holes in it are larger than I prefer for my loose tea leaves. The large holes allowed a lot of smaller tea leaves to float right on through. That is a very big turnoff for me. Another thing that did not like was the fact that there was not a way to drink through the lid. I do not care to drink out of an open glass such as this so I had to pour into another glass to drink out of.

I did have some lovely brewed Irish Morning Green Tea (not cheap but so worth the price!!!) but I doubt I will use this bottle again with my favorite loose leaf tea. I will try this with other drinks and maybe use the filter basket to place some lemon slices in and infuse some water that way.

You can find the item at Amazon.

I did receive this product at a discount price.

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