Flora McQueen Drawstring Backpack

When I saw the emoji pattern, I just knew I had to have this for my son! He really loves emojis and was ecstatic when he saw this. We are a home schooling family so there is not a huge need for a backpack. We do participate in a weekly home school enrichment program. He needs to carry his books and supplies needed for the different classes and teachers he has. Also, when we travel, we often bring textbooks and such with us. There is a need for a fun, easy to use backpack for him. He loves it! Everything he needs for his classes fit easily in it. The make of it is strong and sturdy allowing you to carry a lot of weight in it. The straps are attached securely to the bag. He did complain about the straps digging into his shoulders even though they are wider straps than most drawstring bags I have seen. When my crazy life slows down, I will be adding some adjustable shoulder pads on the straps for him.

You can find this product on Amazon.

I did receive this product free of charge but that in no way influenced my opinion.


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